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Business Coaching and Mentoring It’s What I Do

Ignite Intelligence specialises in providing comprehensive coaching, mentoring and advisory services to businesses of all sizes and in every sector, helping entrepreneurs and owners overcome the challenges involved in maintaining a profitable business.

If you want to make your business more successful, are willing to put the extra hours and effort each week to work on your business and engage in an open and honest relationship with a business advisor, mentor or coach; then Ignite Intelligence is the opportunity you have been looking for.

Every month in New Zealand 4,791 businesses cease trading.* Don’t be one of these casualties!

Irrespective of which stage of the business lifecycle you are in – whether you are a start-up or a mature business – through my business coaching and mentoring, I can facilitate your business development, helping you gain the insight and skills required to overcome the obstacles to your growth and success.

As your trusted partner, I provide expertise, information, support, coaching, business advice and guidance as needed, enabling you to focus more fully on your most important asset, your clients, and support you in working towards achieving consistent, profitable growth.

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Personal Business Coach

Key Areas of Business Mentoring

How I Can Help You

Imagine what you could achieve with the right business partner – a personal advisor, mentor or business coach – one who understands your unique business environment, its challenges and opportunities, and your needs and objectives.

Through a process of customised one-on-one, face-to-face and group business advisory, mentoring and coaching interactions, I work with you to improve the value of your business and the quality of your life.

Are these concerns you harbour about your business? Do they sound familiar? Keep you up at night?
  • Not having enough enquiries, leads and customers/clients?
  • How to increase the transaction value of each of your existing customers/clients?
  • Juggling cash flow, turnover, margins and profit?
  • Managing priorities and finding the hours in the day to get everything done?
  • How to maximise ROI on your marketing spend?
  • Motivating underperforming staff?
  • Fixing poorly designed processes that undermine your performance?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, then act to avoid your business becoming a ‘failed enterprise’ statistic.


Give me 60 minutes of your valuable time and I guarantee to show you how to overcome these common concerns, and how to be more productive, efficient and profitable than ever!

Here’s what you will discover during my 60-minute Mastermind Seminar:

  1. The five most important opportunities for net profit growth
  2. How to make the little-known profit multiplier effect work for you
  3. How you can develop a mindset of excellence
  4. How to avoid the 4 steps to failure
  5. How to overcome procrastination and start taking action
  6. How to turn potential into real, profitable action
  7. How to setup an action plan to propel you forward

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It See What Our Clients Say…

This talk has helped me to realize that I have been stuck on some things from the past and it is time to move forward with my goals and dreams!Business Mentor

Crystal Hemminger, Owner, Primerica
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Certainly learnt more than I expected to, but that was probably due to Roy. (He is a) nice guy and I would be happy to do more courses with him.Business Mentor

Roy is a great speaker and motivator, the YB12 programme really works and the results gained are outstanding. The biggest thing I learnt was how to use my mind power to achieve my goals.Business Mentor


Discover how I can help you transform your business with a complimentary Mastermind Seminar.

My Approach

I believe that the complex challenges your business faces each have a clear cause and a practical solution. My client-centric approach is based on my conviction that business coaching and mentoring goes hand-in-hand with life coaching and mentoring.

As an objective listener, insightful observer, confidential sounding board and solutions-oriented partner, I can assist you to deliver positive results for your business and to improve your life. Our consultative and collaborative client relationship will provide a great return on investment in both instances.

I offer flexible, tailored-made business coaching and mentoring services and prefer to start my advisory, mentoring or coaching relationship in face-to-face meetings with my client. These meetings can be supplemented by telephone sessions, email conversations and workshops. Personal experience indicates that face-to-face interventions are faster, more powerful and develop longer-lasting performance improvements.

Take advantage of my expertise and insights, based on my years of operational experience, and contact me today.

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