Business Advisory & Mentoring Services

What are Business Advisory & Mentoring Services?

As a business mentor, I develop a relationship with my client that allows me to acquire a deep understanding of their business and the environment in which it operates. My client derives long-term benefits from the relationship by trusting me as I pass along my knowledge and experience − all focused on developing and upskilling my client. 

In my role as a mentor, I provide insights, wisdom, general advice and inspiration to clients with, perhaps, less experience, and offer help with those difficult business decisions.

The mentor relationship should be close, long-term and ongoing to deliver the best results.

As a business advisor, I provide specific expertise and experience to help your business either in a particular way for a set duration, as part of a specific project, or by looking at improving your business as a whole: examining every area of your operations and management to make sure it’s all working as efficiently and productively as it can.

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How Could Mentoring Help Me?

Does your business work for you? Or are you working for your business? Are you thinking it might be easier to simply walk away, to do something new?

Is your business providing the lifestyle and financial reward you anticipated? Or have you just purchased a job? Have you settled for a business that you don’t really want, one that hasn’t turned out as you planned?

Most business owners I encounter are dealing with the same set of challenging issues and are struggling to address one or more aspect of their business. It’s simply not the way they thought owning and managing a business was going to be.  

“I just can’t take any time off.” 
“Getting customers to pay is a nightmare.” 
“If only I had more clients …”
“Everything goes wrong at the worst time.”

Business ownership doesn’t need to be stressful or frantic, but it often is. Have you considered the missed opportunities and the overall financial impact on your business if you, the business owner, are not performing at your optimal level? And the cost in terms of your own health, wellbeing and peace of mind?  

I understand how you feel, and it can be overwhelming. Many business owners I have met and assisted over the years felt the same way. While they were good at some aspects of their business, they had less success in others. And with a little business advice and help in the right areas, they found their businesses transformed into enterprises they were really proud of and started enjoying their work once again.

My business advice is based on years of real business experience which I can apply to help you identify what is stopping your business from succeeding, see where the problem areas are, recommend solutions, streamline processes, improve efficiencies and grow your business, to mention but a few of the issues we can tackle together. 

I almost certainly have dealt with your problems before, so you can rely on the fact my business advice has worked before. I know what is going to solve certain issues fast and what resources are required. I can teach your staff how to manage the situation better and identify what upskilling might be necessary.

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How Do the Business Advisory Services Work?

Ignite Intelligence offers the two-tiered Quantum Leap Programme which is designed to lift all aspect of your business. The programme covers topics ranging from lead generation, sales tools, quoting expertise, increased customer loyalty, increased revenue, healthy margins and greater profit, through to reduced time pressure. The Quantum Leap Programme provides the platform for your business and life to significantly leap forward to where you want it to be.

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The Quantum Leap Programme

Ignite Intelligence offers a 90-day (12 weeks, 12 sessions) programme that looks deeply into your business, analysing your most significant challenges and promises real growth or your money back.


  • Bring a steady stream of customers to your door
  • Increase your conversion rate from enquiry to sale
  • Maximise average dollar sale
  • Position your business as a market leader.
  • Increase profit
  • Better cash flow
  • Improve systems for streamlining the company
  • Reduce time stress and pressure on management and staff.


Here’s what you will discover during my 60-minute Mastermind Seminar:

  1. The five most important opportunities for net profit growth
  2. How to make the little-known profit multiplier effect work for you
  3. How you can develop a mindset of excellence
  4. How to avoid the 4 step to failure
  5. How to overcome procrastination and start taking action
  6. How to turn potential into real, profitable action
  7. How to setup an action plan to propel you forward

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